Backflow Testing

Reduce Risk & Ensure Compliance, with Certified Backflow Testing

Protect against contamination of the public water supply and meet you legal obligations with annual backflow testing. We're accredited to test, repair and install backflow prevention devices (also know as an RPZ Valve), which aids in keeping the public water supply safe and ensuring your property remains compliant.

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Annual backflow testing ensures you remain compliant with local regulations, safeguarding water quality and protecting your property from potential legal issues.

Installation & Repair

Offering same day service for backflow device installation and repairs, we provide fast, efficient solutions to maintain your system’s reliability and compliance.

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Your Guide to Our Backflow Testing Process

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Assessment and Installation

  • Conduct initial evaluations to understand and assess the existing backflow system.
  • If required, install new backflow devices or replace faulty unit, ensuring compliance with current standards.

Testing and Maintenance

  • Perform comprehensive testing using calibrated equipment to guarantee device functionality and accuracy.
  • Regularly maintain devices to prevent failures and ensure continuous protection against backflow incidents.

Documentation and Compliance Support

  • Provide detailed reports and compliance certificates after each testing or installation service.
  • Offer expert advice on necessary actions to maintain system integrity and meet legal requirements.
  • Manage and update customer records for easy tracking of maintenance schedules and compliance status.

Backflow Testing – FAQ

How long does backflow testing typically take?

Backflow testing usually completes within one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the system and accessibility of the backflow devices.

What happens if my system fails RPZ testing?

If a system fails RPZ testing, it indicates a risk of contamination. We provide immediate recommendations for repairs or replacements necessary to ensure the system passes compliance on retesting.

What does backflow prevention testing involve?

Backflow prevention testing involves checking the mechanical functions of backflow devices to ensure they effectively prevent contaminated water from reversing into the clean water supply. This includes physical inspections and valve testing.

What are the legal requirements for annual backflow testing?

In Victoria, properties equipped with a backflow prevention device, such as an RPZ valve, must undergo accredited backflow testing every 12 months to ensure compliance and functionality, as mandated by local water safety regulations.

Does backflow device testing disrupt water service?

Backflow device testing may briefly interrupt water service as valves are tested to ensure they properly prevent water from flowing backwards. However, disruptions are typically minimal and short-lived.

Can your backflow plumbers also handle repairs during an inspection?

Our backflow plumbers are equipped to perform repairs during inspections if any issues are detected. This ensures that your system meets compliance standards promptly without needing a separate service visit.

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