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Deeply rooted in the Bellarine region, our plumbers service far and wide

Being 100% local to the Bellarine Peninsula, we not only provide timely and efficient services but also bring neighbourly care to each job, setting us apart from competitors who claim to be local but are not. Our deep understanding of the area’s unique plumbing needs ensures that we offer solutions perfectly tailored to our community, embodying the true spirit of local service and commitment.

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Delivering end-to-end plumbing solutions for residential homeowners & property managers. Covering everything from minor repairs to major installations, no matter what you need to be done, we’ve got you.


Providing plumbing services with unparalleled professionalism to local commercial businesses. Ensuring timely, efficient solutions that keep your business operations running smoothly and compliant.

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Never Miss Another Warm Shower, Reliable Hot Water Systems

The right hot water system installed by an experienced plumber guarantees you’ll always experience the warmth and comfort needed for your home’s essential activities, ensuring smooth, daily operations. This consistent access to hot water is crucial for everything from your morning showers to kitchen tasks and laundry, enhancing your quality of life and ensuring your day starts and ends comfortably.

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Safe & Efficient Gas Plumbing For Your Home

Expertise with gas plumbing is essential to guarantee the safety and reliability of your gas supply, which is vital for the functionality of home appliances and the overall safety of your living environment. Professional gas plumbers are highly qualified and confident, conducting thorough inspections and maintenance, ensuring all connections are secure and leak-free. This not only enhances the efficiency of your heating and cooking appliances but also protects your family from potential gas-related hazards.

Seascape Plumbing Gas Installations

Protect Your Home from Water Damage Early

Timely intervention by a plumber can prevent property damage, protecting your home from the potentially devastating effects of water leaks and ensuring its structural integrity and value. By addressing issues early, such as blocked drains, leaking pipes or taps you avoid the costly repairs that come with water damage, such as mould remediation and structural fixes, keeping your living environment safe and maintaining the market value of your property.

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Beyond the Basics, We Do More Than Just General Plumbing

Septic Tanks

Inspecting and repairing septic systems to ensure efficient waste processing and environmental safety.



Installing, maintaining, and replacing toilets to enhance bathroom functionality and hygiene.


Burst Pipes

Rapidly identifying and fixing burst pipes to prevent water damage and restore water flow.


Roof Leaks

Diagnosing and sealing roof leaks to protect interiors from water damage and mold.


Gas Leaks

Detecting and repairing gas leaks to ensure home safety and prevent potential hazards.


Leak Detection

Utilising advanced technology to pinpoint water leaks and address them promptly.

Water Filters

Installing and servicing water filters to improve drinking water quality and safety.


Water Tanks & Pumps

Installing water tanks & pumps, as well as ongoing pump maintenance for consistent water supply and pressure.


Sewer and Stormwater Pipes

Installing and replacing sewer and stormwater pipes for optimal drainage and environmental compliance.


CCTV Inspections

Conducting detailed pipe inspections with CCTV to identify and resolve blockages or damages.


Trenching & Drainage Excavation

Excavating for new drainage solutions and repairing existing systems to prevent water buildup.



Updating plumbing in kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovations for improved functionality and modern compliance.

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